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Support Local on Small Business Saturday

As Small Business Saturday approaches, many of us are thinking about how we can support our community through our local businesses. Buying our holiday gifts at local shops, ordering from creators’ online stores, or hiring a local professional for a home project all give small business owners a boost. But don’t forget about your local travel agent, me, for example!

We can think of many reasons why travel agents rock, but these are among the most important to keep in mind during the holiday shopping season.


One of the most common misconceptions about travel agents work for the companies that they are selling travel for, but that’s not the case. Travel agents work on behalf of the traveler! We personally guide our clients through the process of finding the right travel experience within the budget clients set. Often, we share two or three of their best options. Then, the clients choose the final option, saving travelers time and energy.


We’ve all been put on hold with call centers before, and it’s never a fun experience. But with a travel agent, that’s no longer a part of the travel planning process. You’ll work with a real person who understands your needs and has direct connections to travel brands and companies. Combined with personal experiences, our expert knowledge gives you confidence in knowing someone has your back.


While there have certainly been challenges in last couple of years, it’s also shown many travelers why it’s more important than ever to book with their travel agent. Travel agents are there for their clients from the day they start talking travel until they return home from a vacation. If something should go wrong, we have a direct line with travel companies and will work on behalf of our clients to correct errors and reschedule trips.

We also help clients plan trips far into the future by booking travel with a deposit. This allows travelers to pay the remaining costs over time. And since booking early is often the best value, this helps our clients get the most out of every dollar.

So thank you for choosing our small business this Small Business Saturday, and any day you decide you need a vacation! We look forward to taking care of you in the days to come.

When you’re ready to plan your getaway, we’re here for you!

We may take you around the great big world, but it’s “small” that makes it all go ‘round.


Wishes & Wanderlust Travel is an online travel agency located in Jonesboro, Arkansas assisting travelers from coast to coast. We specialize in custom designed all inclusive, cruise, and Disney vacations for couples, families, and groups of any size. Please visit our website to get inspired and when you're ready to plan your next trip, request a new trip HERE.

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Danika Wallace
Danika Wallace
01 dic 2022

Great info! I appreciate the value I get from using you as an agent. I get choice overload and you always narrow it down for me. Also, you'd never book me a rental car that wasn't actually at the airport.... my fam wasn't too happy with me for that one.

Me gusta
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